Produktionshall tegsnäshus

Our way of building

Tegsnäshus builds in a safe, dry, safe and modular way. That is why we have built a brand new factory in Tegsnäset, that is adapted for our production.

There are several advantages to building indoors. We build every section, every detail completely systematically and with good order and preparedness We have a good overview, and full control of each stage of production. We maintain a consistent and high level of quality. It also minimises the movement of the materials.

Building indoors means that we have access to all the tools and aids that are needed. In addition to being an effective way to build, it provides a very good working environment for our employees.

A large proportion of our building materials we produce ourselves in our wood products factory in the same industrial area as the house factory.


Our designs are based on long sections. This makes the assembly easy, fast and it is done with a high level of precision. The house also then has fewer joints. For houses that are built on a cast pad, we always use a split sill. The method is highly efficient and gives an exact result when it comes to assembly.

The period of time it takes to build all the sections of the house is intensive. Our ambition is that the construction time for section production and assembly corresponds to one month’s work. Once all the sections have been delivered, the shell of the house is assembled, complete with exterior walls and ceilings, methodically and safely within a few days.

Support and advice

We are more than happy to show you other houses and buildings that we have made. Our aim is that as a customer or interested party, you should be able to visit ongoing or already completed construction projects to get inspiration.

Continuous improvements are a hugely important piece of the puzzle for Tegsnäshus. This means that we are sensitive to changes in the construction process, methods that can be refined and working methods that can be developed.

If you want support and advice with design, architecture or material choice, we can offer all the services either directly through us or through our partners. We also help with the preparation of the documentation necessary for a building permit application.