Order and preparedness!

Before each project starts, we go through the entire project together with you. We give you tips and advice, exchange information and create the best solutions. Since we deliver everything from kits to turnkey houses, it is very important to have the correct documentation that we have jointly produced in peace and quiet. 

Of course, we adhere to industry standards and all current regulations. Should we see things differently, we are more than happy to discuss this over a lunch or coffee.

Placing an order and delivery

When all the formal conditions are completed, the planned project is put into production. We produce all the sections in our hall in Tegsnäset outside of Vindeln, about 60 km from Umeå. Regardless of whether it is a kit or delivery with assembly, all the sections are packaged-up and protected from the weather while waiting for loading.

The sections are delivered to the construction site on a truck where they are received by the craftsmen doing the assembly.

Craftsmen with experience and knowledge

Our carpenters are experienced and competent. We work with industry-leading suppliers of tools and materials and our employees are covered by collective agreements.

In Västerbotten we have a good selection of craftsmen that we can recommend. We are also continuously developing our collaboration in other parts of Sweden.